ISLAMABAD (APP) - The engineering industry here on Tuesday urged the government to exempt it from loadshedding to meet export commitments. This was stated at a meeting held at Engineering Development Board (EDB) in connection with formulation of National Engineering Export Development Strategy (NEEDS) which was presided over by Dr Shaukat Hameed. The meeting observed that industry was heavily dependent on electricity from the grid and lack of consistent and affordable power had impeded the efficiency, growth and competitiveness. Staggered weekly holidays to industry were also urged and it was said that load management should be scheduled in consultation with industry. The meeting recommended that IPPs should not be allowed import of locally manufactured plant, machinery and components. While at present IPPs only undertake civil work locally while all mechanical portions are imported. Fixation of Electricity tariffs, for at least 3 years in advance was found suitable for the industry to plan the prices of products, exports and competitiveness. The meeting noted the potential for in house power generation (1-5MW) from heat recovery and biomass fuels. Linking of energy tariffs with value of export was also recommended and it was noted that energy efficiency audits were not conducted by the industry while the audits conducted by the government departments did not cover the engineering industry. Government was asked to announce an incentive regime of providing Power Factor Bonus to industry on similar basis as Power Factor Penalty. Disbursement of Asian Development Bank (ADB) energy loan to locally manufactured energy efficient goods through EDB recognized manufacturers directly was also recommended as the manufacturer would be responsible for asset and recovery. Replacement of inefficient production assets was found costly and government was requested to assist through a fund specially created for this purpose. Tax incentives on income and duty free import of energy efficient components and processes were also recommended.