In a country where morality and ethics are something of a joke, the resignation of Mr Shaukat Tarin on a point of principle gives us hope. Pakistan has suffered for far too long because of a civil and military bureaucracy that considers it a perk of the job to plunder the countrys assets and pilfer public funds through kickbacks accrued through abuse of discretionary powers. Ironically, the country that was created by a politician of true character, integrity and commitment is today dominated by politicians whose sole objective in life is to pile up mountains of money for themselves. Mr Tarins departure deprives this regime of the last vestige of credibility, which it lacked a lot anyway to begin with because of its culture of wrongdoings. He thought it worthwhile not to be accused of a 'conflict of interest even though many others do not even blink an eye on being appointed ministers of a government with which their family concerns are doing business. Mr Tarin tried to stop the massive institutionalized pilferage of the state funds by opposing the Rental Power Projects and this he did in the face of the leading members of our political elite that are all involved in corruption without any shame or remorse. -ALI MALIK TARIQ, USA, March 1.