LAHORE HSBC Bank consolidated their position as they got to the top of the leaderboard with yet another comprehensive win gaining 10 points in the National Polo Championship for the Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup here on Monday. HSBC is the only team which has hundred per cent win record in this national championship and on Tuesday, the HSBC quartet erased the shine of Hilton-Diamond by 13-11. Ignacio Tocallino was the main force behind Hilton-Diamond victory but Gaston Moore, Hissam Ali Hyder stood firm along with Sufi Muhammad Haris and Raja Temur for HSBCs win. Tag Heur-Army had to sweat hard to carve out a narrow 9-8 win against Guard Rice-Newage. Julio Astrada and Capt Shaukat Ali Malik were instrumental in their stride to victory. Al Khan-Tip Moor brought down Pakistan Air Force by 8-6 margin. Tomas Pieres was the star of the match. Colony Sugar surprised all the participants by gaining second place in the points table with their fourth win over Hataff with a big difference 9-5. Fernando Quinto and Saqib Khan Khakwani were the masters behind the win. The matches were supervised by Simon MacLeran, Vierree Antinori, Gaston Moore, Julio Astrada and Tomas Pieres.