Buoyed by recent surge in public opinion in its favour, the ruling Labour party in the UK is now confident that it would be voted back to power and has worked out a plan to woe the Asian voters in its favour. This election is winnable. Its Prime Minister Gordon Brown who led, not only Britain but the world in the recent economic recession, said Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Miliband at a fundraising event for partys prospective Parliamentary candidate from Bethnal Green and Bow Rushanara Ali. Mr. Miliband said the Labour government under Brown fought for values, to save jobs, improve public service and better the health service. We can win the election and make Britain a fairer place for all, he told the gathering at the famous Red Fort Hotel in the heart of the city on Tuesday night. Sarah Brown, wife of Prime Minister Brown was also present on the occasion. Though a formal announcement is yet to be made, the election is scheduled before June 3 this year. Former Health Secretary Frank Dobson said if elected, Rushanara Ali would become the first Bangladeshi British MP. Describing her as a local girl, Mr. Dobson said Ms. Ali would be a role model for others. Mr. Dobson also praised Amin Ali, owner of the Red Fort for organising such a successful fund-raising event. Ms. Ali, who studied at Mulberry School and Tower Hamlets College here made a mark at the Oxford University and later worked in Parliament, the Institute for Public Policy Research, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Home Office. She is now an Associate Director of the Young foundation in Bethnal Green. As an MP, I will fight for more jobs, training, investment for our schools and hospitals and affordable housing and support for local businesses, she said.