KARACHI - Former City nazim Naimatullah Khan on Tuesday demanded the government to conduct audit of the Haq Parast-led city governments funds to asses the historical corruption made over the last 4 years. He was addressing a counter press conference regarding the four years performance of MQMs city government at Idara-e-Noor Haq. He said that Muttehida led city government performance can be termed as full of illegal occupation of plots, neglecting the merit, plunder and kickbacks on illegal contracts. He said that development and constructive projects started in Alkhidmat time but MQMs city government wrongfully tried to give an impression that all these projects started by them, which Naimatullah described as distortion of the facts. He claimed that whatever development worked started in our time this government only continued with those projects of which he cited different examples like green buses, KIHD and many other. He said that MQM has been part of the government since last 10 years in different level but when privatization or selling of national assets and institutes were going on it kept itself quiet that comes under severe negligence on part of party who claims to be sole representatives of the poor masses. He quoted Mustafa Kamal claim of spending Rs280 billion on development work in Karachi and said if we closely and critically analyse the claim, it will be proved wrong because the actually spent amount reaches almost to Rs50 billion. This claim is sufficient to realize that at what extent the embezzlement of money had been done by the so-called public representative of poor masses. He said in all monsoon seasons in time MQM led CDGK Karachi every time was inundated and the rain-water went inside the residences of people that also proved that CDGK did not spend the allocated amount on water drainage system. He said that the CDGK has mentioned to have spent almost Rs900 million over the last four years of Nullahs repair and maintenance but the current conditions of pollution and garbage totally nullify the claims. He alleged that the MQM-led city government made recruitments on likings and disliking and only MQM workers were given jobs in different department of the City government. In the water board now MQM workers are being appointed as TMOs at town administration to supervise the fraudulent election for MQM candidates. He said that MQM claims of representing poor masses are fake because all its MPA, MNA, Senator and ministers are well-to-do and very much affluent therefore the party could not claimed that it represents poor even though those who were at the helm of affair before MQM can say that they were actually belonged to the masses. The former nazim said that under the supervision of political TMOs a just and free election could not be held so these political postings should be immediately be revoked. Former Gulberg Town nazim Farooq Naimatullah, Ahmed Qasim Parekh, Shafiqur Rehman and others were present on the occasion.