ISLAMABAD Any shift in US policy from mis-adventurism to rationality is not likely to work due to the presence of some powerful individuals having hegemonic mindset that directly influences the countrys agenda. The controversial lot of mighty figures who call the shots in the intelligence, security, and legal set up of the United States comprises of those figures who either carry orthodox ideological motivations and religious bias or are proponents of power politics. After discussions with the diplomats of a 'non-Nato state here, one is left with solid grounds to draw from current scenario that recent US moves implying its inclination to show flexibility towards Taliban through engaging them in dialogue and Obamas initiative to give a substantial cut to US nuclear arsenal would not bode well with the powerful circles, which, sooner or later, would play their role that would eventually lead to drastic outcomes. US set-up is individual-driven where people have more authority and say rather than system. The system is formed, deformed, and manipulated on the behest of a few people who mostly represent the corporate mindset of American political diaspora, some diplomats believe. Among these powerful individuals are Leon Panetta, Eric Prince, Joseph Schmitz, Robert Baer, Pareet Bharara, Anjar Sahni and some others who have not been in limelight but are very much active behind the scene. CIA Director Leon Panetta, was former US President Bill Clintons Chief of Staff and had a strong say in US policies towards South Asia since then. Panetta also had a strong role during Bushs administration that was criticised for its reckless policies. Leon stands among one of those 'creative minds who had paved the way for Blackwaters role in Afghanistan and had been associated with controversies related to its terrorism in the region. Eric Prince, founder and Chairman of the notorious Blackwater who is a Republican, had enjoyed close association with former President George W Bush and had quite an influence during the previous Republican regime. Joseph Schmitz, Chief Operating Officer, Blackwater, too, was all-powerful during Bush era. Both Eric and Joseph are followers of crusade ideology and had used their religious affiliations and influence to win lucrative contracts when Bush was in power. They call the shots even in the present regime, as no action against their malpractices, corruption and indiscriminate killings in Iraq and Afghanistan, had been taken by the present government. Some cases were filed against Erics former employees but none of them had ever been taken to task. Besides, Pareet Bharara, Federal US Attorney of New York, has had a history of convicting Pakistanis and Muslims unlawfully. The same individual had used his influence to bring Dr Aafia Siddiqui judged guilty by a US jury. Richard Berman, the judge of the jury that convicted Dr Aafia is an orthodox Jew and a close associate of former Senator Jacob Javits, a man known to be the architect of Jewish nationalism. In addition, Anjan Sahni, Chief of terrorism in US and a blue-eyed and an appointee of Pareet Bharara follows the line of his mentor and holds prejudices against Pakistanis. The late US Secretary of State in Reagons era, Alexander Haig, was regarded as 'architect of Iran-Iraq war. Haig who died last month was deeply revered and respected for his professional experience and 'achievements as long as he lived. Pentagon would often share 'ideas with Alexander off and on. Former CIA spy Robert Baer who had been involved in endless controversies while serving in Afghanistan is now advisor on Middle East and South Asia. Former British diplomat Michael Wood is among those infamous people who are notoriously known for blunders they had committed to design US invasion in Iraq. Michael had worked in close cooperation with Americans when US had attacked Iraq in 2003. Wood is considered as an authority on legal affairs in Britain. Others who could not do justice with their official positions and were found misusing their authority on more than one occasion either on religious or 'nationalist grounds include Rajiv Shah, USAID administrator who monitors aid programmes for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Vivek Kundra, Federal Chief Information Officer, Rajesh De, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, US Department of Justice and Sonal Shah, Deputy Assistant to the US President. With such 'objectionable individuals grabbing key slots in administrative as well as socio-economic set-up in US, it is hard to predict if the recent shift in US policy would yield anything positively substantial.