Having read the news that Supreme Court of Pakistan has forwarded the bribery case against former Attorney General Pakistan, Sardar Latif Khan Khosa, to the Pakistan Bar Council, I am absolutely certain that Mr Khosa has managed to save himself. The Pakistan Bar Council has many friends and colleagues of Mr Khosa in its ranks who would definitely defend and protect the culprit. Professional and political affiliations would hinder the impartial conduct of the inquiry and justice would not be servednot in this case for sure. You might wonder why this is always the case in this Land of the Pure? In a recent statement in court by one of the directors of the Bank of Punjab, luminaries of the legal profession like Aitzaz Ahsan, Dr Babar Awan and Waseem Sajjad etc have all been implicated in the same manner but no action has been taken by the authorities. All of them are as respectable in the society as they were deemed before this. The laws are for those who do not have the fame and riches to protect them. If you are influential in this society, you will always be able to manipulate the system. Why do I say that nothing has changed and nothing will with the restoration of judiciary and the hollow claims of it being independent? Because thats the way our country is. -MUHAMMAD WASEEM ELAHI, Islamabad, February 28.