ISLAMABAD Incumbent Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir is likely to replace Hussein Haqqani as Pakistans Ambassador to the United States within few weeks, top-level diplomatic sources told TheNation here on Tuesday. The sources further said that Pakistans Ambassador to China Masood Khan will be replacing Salman Bashir as Foreign Secretary. When contacted late Tuesday night, Foreign Office Spokesperson denied such reports saying these reports might be just speculations. However, the sources were clueless when asked about the future of Hussein Haqqani in case Salman Bashir replaces him in Washington. The top-level sources said that the government had made up its mind to get rid of Hussein Haqqani after his bad handling of Dr. Afia Siddiqui case. It is pertinent to note here that Hussein Haqqani found himself in troubles for the first time last year after strong criticism on the Kerry-Lugar Bill in Pakistan. However, the mighty Ambassador somehow had averted the mounting pressure at that time with the help of some powerful political connections in the power corridors. But this time after he badly failed to secure Afias release from US custody, the government was under immense pressure from certain quarters to replace Haqqani.