ISLAMABAD The spring, the most beautiful season of the year, is steadily emerging in the Federal Capital with growth of the tiny green buds on the trees and pleasant breeze with fragrance, transforming colours of the pale landscapes into green belts surrounding the citys roads. The arrival of the spring with new sea-green shoots and multi-coloured flowers on the plants, transmitting sweet scents in the surroundings and refreshing the souls of depressed people, who are exhausted with working like machines. Although in rural areas, the signs of spring appeared in full swings compared to the urban areas. However after dull winter, the change in weather offers exciting environment to the residents of the City. As days grow longer with prominent rise in the temperature at the end of winter, the weather pundits predict that the spring seams to be a summer season compared to the last years as days will be hot like summer days. Harshness and softness of the weather leaves special effects on moods and behaviours of the people, if weather is good people feel good and active. Weather gets great importance, when we associate it with sentiments. People always associate it with their feelings especially dazzling season of spring leaves exciting impacts on moods and impel people to enjoy its beauties by holding colourful events. Placing great influence on imagination, the amazing spring season lures people to the outdoors for picnics and other fun activities. The people seem to be happy to enjoy beauties of weather with a lot of funs and they actively participates to make their days more beautiful especially young people, who always planned to enjoy everything with great enthusiasm. Having bright features, the spring is also considered as a season of festivals. Considering importance of peoples emotions, the private and public sectors are busy in setting schedules of events of Jashn-e-Baharan and Basant in different areas. It is also a peak time for business activities related to seasonal activities. The people seem to busy in purchasing flowers and fancy plants from nurseries to make their houses and gardens more beautiful. The Capital Development Authority is also busy in both spring and monsoon tree plantation campaigns at the national level. It has fixed target of 400,000 saplings in different areas of Islamabad out of which 100,000 plants would be distributed among the residents in the different sectors. Consequently seasonal floral business gains strength during these days.