ISLAMABAD Condemning the removal of Dr Shehnaz A Riaz from the post of DG of Federal Directorate of Education, the representatives of schools and colleges have sought the appointment of permanent D.G along with the acceptance of their other set of demands or else they would protest and boycott the exams. The principals of nearly 111 schools and colleges working under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), the Ministry of Education, met the other day to chalk out a plan of action for coming days for the acceptance of their demands. Earlier, the principals were ready to stage protests but then they decided to give a time period of 15 days to the Ministry to fulfil their demands. Their demands include appointment of permanent D.G, removal of four 18-grade directors from FDE, introduction of the new service structure, provision of the funds for hiring accommodation and provision of facilities and grades to the F.G teachers on the pattern of the Model Colleges. The employees of schools and colleges would start a protest movement and boycott annual exams if their demands are not met within 15 days. Expressing their resentment over removal of Director General, Dr. Shehnaz forcibly at night, they said she should have been given a chance to work. They regretted that in a year four D.Gs had been changed, which had brought the work at the directorate to a standstill. They demanded that the appointment of a permanent D.G, which they thought, should be selected from senior professors so that he may understand the problems and issues of the principals and teachers. They termed the appointment of 18 grade officers including Farzana Gondal, Tanveer Kiani, Ghulam Hussain Sahu and Asif Iqbal at the directorate unjust and in violations of rules. The appointments should be made according to merit and rules as such unlawful appointments have caused resentments amongst the people who have been ignored, they added. The teachers also have been demanding a new service structure due to lack of any clear promotion policy and disparity between the promotion system of the Federal Government and Model Colleges. The provinces have also introduced promotion policies for teachers but in Capital the teachers have been working in same grades for the last 30 years. They demanded that grade 16 must be awarded to MTT, TUGT, DM teachers and grade 17 to the PTI teachers. Non-allocation of funds for residential accommodation to the teachers is another problem for which they have been struggling. Though the Ministry of Finance has released some amount but it is not sufficient to fulfil the needs of all the teacher community. Hundreds of faculty members and non-teaching staff of different schools and colleges have been living under miserable conditions due to non-allocation of funds for residential accommodation by the government for many years. They suggest that the amount to rent houses should be paid with the salary without any conditions.