I wish to compliment three ladies of Pakistan who have made every Pakistani proud. Some might be disappointed to note that Farzana Raja, Fauzia Wahab, Asma Arbab, Begum Ashiq Awan etc are not included in the three star women of Pakistan that I am talking about. The first of the three I admire is Maria Toor, a national squash champion who hails from, would you believe it, South Waziristan. She is rated seventy-second in the world at present. Coming as she does from the back-of-beyond Wana, a city of South Waziristan better known for being the home of Pakistani Taliban, that is quite an achievement. Ms Toors parents are from a poor background and she did not even pick up a squash racket till she was twelve. That makes her recent meteoric rise in squash ratings all the more amazing as she has achieved this with little or no resources. The second lady we should all be proud of is Saira Amin, the first female winner of the Sword of Honour of the Pakistani military. A fighter pilot from Peshawar, Saira graduated in 2006 from one of the most rigorous Air Force academies and won the most coveted Sword of Honour too. To achieve this, you need to be the most outstanding cadet in all three disciplinesflying, academics and general military training. She belonged to only the second group of females to be inducted into the PAF. She had to outclass all her male colleagues in the grueling physical training that included para-jumping. And, mind you, she has done that in the totally male-dominated domain of fighter jet pilots of one of the most demanding of Air Forces in the world showing us a female can not only participate in all spheres of life but can actually dominate them too. The third woman I wish to eulogise here is Naseem Akhter, the fastest woman in South Asia that hails from Karachi. Naseem Akhter caught the fancy of all of Pakistan when she beat Pramila Priyadarshan, the Sri Lankan favorite, to win the gold medal in South Asian games in 2010. She also hails from a poor family of Korangi area in Karachi. Her dedication to achieve her goal was obvious from her statement after the event. She said, I had forgotten the world for six months and trained very, very hard under my coach Maqsood Ahmed to achieve this. It is a great moment for me to have brought glory to the country. -MRS. SHAMIM SHAUKAT, Lahore, March 3.