Aggression and cruelty lie behind PPP's scintillating facade of the most democratic political party of Pakistan. When she slapped across the face of a lady teacher, who was acting as a presiding officer in the polling station, all the tall claims of the ruling party to whom she belongs shattered into pieces. The physical assault by Waheeda Shah is by all reckoning a slap in the face of our democratic system. Our politicians, like tribal lords, have a specific attitude of contemptuous haughtiness. Not all but most of our political leaders deem the common citizens to be inferior human beings. Only Allah Almighty knows how many such horrible incidents take place during general elections. It is laudable that the Chief Justice has taken cognisance of the contretemps as the administration failed to take notice of the embarrassing occurrence. Let's hope that the matter will not keep dragging in the corridors of Supreme Court for months and months. It is incumbent upon the people at the helms of affairs of PPP to do away with the basic membership of Waheeda Shah lest the people of Pakistan should start calling the party of martyrs as a party of murderers. If an exemplary punishment is not meted out to her, the powerful candidates in the forthcoming general elections will consider it their prerogative to commit all sorts of atrocities at the polling stations even at the drop of a hat. I think she must be disqualified to contest polls for the rest of her life and must also be sent behind the bars. A big purple mark that has appeared on the cheek of lady presiding officer by Waheeda Shah's slap is a stamp of attestation of violence, which is the hallmark of PPP.


Wah Cantt, March 1.