There is no rocket science involved in reality that huge public rallies, advertisements by major political parties costs a lot of funds. There was a time when politicians used to go around country by rail. Now they go on private or chartered jets, paid for by tycoons involved in real estate, sugar, banking or cement cartels and even controversial energy sector. There is no such thing as a free lunch. There is a price for all of this. The fleet of expensive bullet proof SUVs, Mercs and BMWs don’t come free. It is an investment on which investors expect returns. Today behind every successful man with a fortune, it is no longer usually a woman, but a crime that has been committed. It would be better if EC and those who matter make it mandatory that funding of political parties be made legal to ensure that there is no foreign interference through huge donations, which compromises our national sovereignty and dignity. This country should no longer be a sanctuary for unwanted men like Osama. No foreign national, NGO etc, should be allowed to fund political activities located in Pakistan. This would also eliminate possibilities of filthy rich illegal drug and armament smugglers from wielding political power. It will also eliminate routing of tax payer’s money for political engineering as has been happening and still occurring. Late Mohtarma BB and Gen Naseerullah Babar made startling revelations in NA on April 24, 1994, where they named almost everybody across the political arena to have received dole-outs from ISI in collaboration with Yunus Habib. There was a time when foreign and ISI  money was routed through Yusuf Haroon to Mujeeb and ZAB, with disastrous consequences for Pakistan. This abuse and proliferation of democracy can only be curtailed if all political funding be declared legal and audited instead of being subverted as it is today.


Lahore, March 1.