BAHAWALNAGAR - The locals vandalised police van and hurled stones on cops after blocking main roads in different protest demonstrations against the increasing dacoity hits, it has been learnt.

As per details, as many as 25 robberies and theft incidents have been reported in the district during last 20 days. The locals became angry and came out on the rods against police’s poor performance. The citizens have registered their protest against the police negligence about seven times during the aforesaid period.

On March 1, shutter down strike was observed at Faqiwali after 5 shops were robbed in a single night, while the people of the area staged protest demo there. They chanted slogans anti-police slogans and demanded immediate arrest of the accused.

But the police least bothered to reach on the spot even after being informed timely.

A robbery incident took place late night on February 25 near Qadri Textile Mills area, in which robbers looted a school teacher by holding his family hostage. Sadar Police was informed but arrived three hours later. The locals got furious and staged violent demo against police on February 26 and blocked main Arifwala-Bahawalnagar Road by setting tyres ablaze there. Liaquat, a demonstrator, said that the police have failed to curb bandits’ rule in the area as about 2 dozens robberies have been taken place in the area. They have left the people at the mercy of outlaws, he added.

On February 13, scores of denizens of Mari Mian Sahib, Bonga Ehsan and adjacent villages protested against police over increasing crime rate. Even robbers raped the women of poor kiln labourer’s family, but the police did not register a single case of 12 robberies. However, after people protest, a probe was ordered into the rape case.

On February 14, people of Village Chaweka vandalised police van over their apathetic attitude. On the very next day, Christian traders staged demo against law enforcers, as 8 shops were theft there in a single night.

The police torture on two persons during a raid spoke volume about their performance on February 17. The one of the tortured persons died on the spot and other sustained serious injuries. A war-like situation was seen in the area after the incident, as demonstrators pelted stones at police party. However, police also opened aerial firing.

Similarly on Feb 24, a demo against City Police was staged at Commerce Chowk Bahawalnagar. However, it is worth mentioning that later on, a case has been registered against a city police SHO on the report of Fiaz Tehseen, a consultant of ombudsman regional office Multan. Aforesaid case has been registered due to delay in registering a case.

Adding to this, making mockery of law has also become a routine by the local police, as on Feb 22, the City Police arrested accused Farman on the complaint of one Saleem but and acquitted him after the interference of an influential person within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, DPO Salman Ali Khan least bothered to talk with media men.