QUETTA - Federal Religious Affairs Minister Khurshid Shah dispelled the impression that his party had been involved in horse-trading in Senate elections, saying that Sindh Provincial Minister Nawabzada Nadir Ali Magsi and he was in Quetta to save his party members from bargaining.

Addressing the media on Friday in front of assembly building, he said that the PPP did not believe in horse-trading and neither had billions of rupees to purchase votes for the party candidates in Senate elections. He said “The media should ask the same question to those (PML-N) who has only one vote but put three candidates for the Senate elections.”

Shah, came to Quetta along with Nadir Magsi to supervise PPP candidates’ campaign, refuted the propaganda of some political parties about his party to be involved in horse-trading.

Realising the grievances of the Balochs, he said that the PPP took unprecedented measures for the neglected province, adding that his party’s candidates belonging to Balochistan wanted prosperity in Balochistan. To a question about PPP tickets to two outsiders, he said that Dr Ramesh Kumar was not party candidate, but the PPP was supporting him as give-and-take and that’s why the party ticket-holder Hina Gulzar had grievances.