History is a great teacher. When a nation gets divided, providence punishes it as a consequence. The famous case of Siddi Moarib Dam in Yemen is mentioned in the Holy Quran, which was destroyed due to disunity of that nation. Whereas, Yemen was like California of today with orchards on both sides of the highway with rest houses on the way and a safe journey free of dacoits. Since the chastisement of Allah Almighty Yemen today is the poorest of the poor nation. Pakistan with 7 percent of the irrigated area of the world with a 2.5 percent population of the globe is threatened existentially with a similar fate of Yemen.  We have a polarised society with no respect for law.  Since the past 50 years the nation has not agreed to build Kalabagh Dam, which is a beacon of prosperity and progress. We are living in a fools paradise by purchasing petrol at Rs 97 per litre and electricity at Rs 15 per unit, while declining to build a dam that would give us power at Rs 2 per unit and irrigate millions of acres of virgin land for food production. The mortal danger of corrupt political parties is the bane of Pakistan and we are rushing headlong to our destruction.


Lahore, March 1.