CHINIOT - Eminent religious scholar Dr Muhammad Yousaf called for unity among the Muslims to foil the aims of anti-Islamic elements.

“The Muslims should fight imperialist forces by forging unity within their ranks,” he said while addressing Seeratul Nabi (PBUH) conference held at Govt Islamia College under the auspices of former Principal Professor Pervaiz Ahmad here the other day. Dr Yousaf stressed the need for following in the footsteps and teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to be successful in this world.  He said that Muslims distancing from the Prophet’s (SAWW) teaching was the reason for their downfall.  He said that the problems the Muslims were faced with could be eliminated if the golden teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) were implemented in letter and spirit.

Two crushed: Two men were killed in two separate mishaps here the other day.

As per detail, Haq Nawaz, a resident of Chak No192/JB, was coming to Chiniot from Bhowana on his motorcycle, when a recklessly driven truck coming from opposite direction crushed him.