DI KHAN – Sacks of currency notes and coins totaling to millions have been found in the shack of a beggar who died here one-and-a-half month ago.

The treasure trove has been seized by the government, as no one had turned up to claim the body, according to a private TV channel on Saturday.

Muhammad Hussain, 80, was buried by workers of local municipal committee. After his death, municipality workers razed his wooden shack and found sacks of currency notes and coins. It took the workers a long time to count that money. Municipal Officer Munir Ahmad Chughtai said no one turned up to own the body. When his nephews were informed, they refused to become his heirs, he added.  It is still unclear whether Hussain begged and stashed this money for municipal committee, the state kitty, for himself or any of his relatives.

; or he used to do this habitually.

Now it is to see if the heirless gets any heirs after the revelation of the bucks left by him.