Lahore – Ruing his remarks against the PML-N leadership, MPA Dost Muhammad Khosa has reposed confidence in the Sharifs.

In a statement, Dost Khosa asserted the PML-N was “like his family and family elders always condoned the mistakes of younger ones”. He expressed his optimism that the PML-N would accept his apology. He said he held in esteem welfare initiatives taken by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

He stressed that under the leadership of the chief minister, several unprecedented steps have been completed in the Southern Punjab. Dost Muhammad Khosa highlighted that the politicians exploiting the issue of new province in southern Punjab were in guilty of betraying the people of that area, while Khadim-i-Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has done exemplary public service. He said that the people of southern Punjab never forget their true benefactors and they still vividly remembered the untiring efforts of Khadim-i-Punjab during the floods of 2012. They will return the PML-N to power in the upcoming elections. He concluded that he was embarrassed about his previous statements and hoped the CM would treat him with same kindness as he did in the past.