VEHARI - Anita Ayoub, 13, a courageous but handicapped girl having no arms naturally, does not consider her disability a hurdle in her life as she is getting education with great courage and interest but her parents are unable to bear her educational expenses.

Anita writes with thumb and finger of her foot even then her writing is very beautiful and impressive. She passed fifth exam with distinction and now she is determined to pass 8th Exam with distinction. "I deal my household affairs myself and not depending on anybody because God helps those who help themselves. I want to become a teacher and set an example for the society. We should complete our mission of life with our own efforts. Disappointment is a sin and I never feel it in my life. Every work is easy to do if it is done with interest," she said.

Her father works with a brick station. He is the resident of Raza Colony near city. He said, "My daughter's aim is very high. She wants to get higher education but my resources are very limited. I cannot afford fee of schools."

Her mother said, "When she was born, my relatives asked me to kill her but my motherhood did not accept the idea. I decided that I will bring her up like a normal child." With her tears rolling on her cheeks, she said that she also works with her husband but they could not meet their expenses. "We are not able to bear the educational expenses of our daughter. We appeal to the government and philanthropists to help us financially," said Anita's parents.