ISLAMABAD – The Islamabad Model College for Boys (IMCB), Sihala, is no less than a mockery on the face of education managers that has been functional without allocation of budget, teaching and non-teaching staff for the past four years. The poor situation of the college has also jeopardised its affiliation with the Quid-I-Azam University (QAU). When all the degree colleges of the capital have got themselves affiliated with the QAU in September 2012 after devolution, this college alone failed to get affiliation because it did not possess enough funds to pay the affiliation fee of the university that amounts to over Rs 300,000. The college has been caught up in the swirls of multitude of problems since its inauguration in 2009. This college is the victim of total indifference on the part of its governing body — Federal Directorate of Education (FDE). By now, this college has got neither regular staff, nor the financial assistance that is its due share, shared an official of the college.The students are at the mercy of the teachers borrowed from other colleges, and the college itself stands in the blind alley for the simple reason of shortage of teaching faculty, poor finances, lack of other necessary things that help running an educational institution.  The claims of quality and standard education in the capital city of Islamabad show their hollowness; rather they have become an irritating joke for the students enrolled at this college. ‘While engulfed in such prevalent darkness of precarious circumstances, at times one finds a ray of hope. Recently the FDE received a letter from QAU that the university administration is ready to charge affiliation fee of the college in installments, Rs 60,000 annually’ informed a senior official of the college. But the issues of budget allocation, provision of permanent teaching and non-teaching staff and permanent building remains unresolved despite that the officials of FDE and the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development have been written time and again about the issues of the college. ‘The college cannot be moved to the new building of the college unless its boundary wall is erected and that is possible only after the land demarcation by the Capital Administration and Development. And they have been delaying the matter as 3 acres of land of the college has been occupied by officials of CDA Poultry and Vegetable Scheme III’ officials say.    When contacted Professor Deedar Ali Baloch, General Secretary Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA), said, “This is a question mark on the need and available resources of this college and also the way the institution is being run by the responsible high ups. Slogans regarding promotion of education are raised from every nook and corner but this is proof of the rulers and bureaucrats’ indifference towards the cause of education. Professor Tahir Mahmood, FGCTA President, demands that the teaching staff along with administrative staff may be immediately provided to these institutions on regular basis. For this purpose, regular posts of teaching and non-teaching staff in different grades be assigned, clearly classified for different disciplines and for different task so that the college may be brought in the running position before they become deserted and ghostly places. The routine of continuous borrowing of teaching staff to pass the time should be immediately stopped. It is against, both interest as well as dignity of an institution, he maintained.FDE DG Dr Shehnaz Riaz refused to answer the question citing health problems. The Principal of college Professor Abdul Rasheed Sodhi also refused to tell his side of the story.