KATE Middleton is friends with Hillary Clinton!

The wife of Britain’s Prince William has been writing to the world famous diplomat. According to America’s Globe magazine, Kate has been discussing with Hillary her innermost fears. “Kate has been getting advice from Hillary,” a source said.

Meanwhile, Middleton is getting annoyed with William - because he’s paranoid about her health. Kate had a rough start to her pregnancy - she was hospitalised for acute morning sickness. Her frightening vomiting bouts finally ended and she’s so strong and vibrant again that she and William, along with her parents and siblings, traveled to the Caribbean for an idyllic vacation on Mustique - the world’s most fabulous private island!

“Kate was ecstatic about relaxing before the birth of their first child, but William became paranoid that she might contract some weird disease from bacteria in the local foods,” a source said. “So he brought along an extra security staffer, whose sole duty was to oversee and supervise kitchen staff - making sure all fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, etc., were properly scrubbed.

“The Prince even flew in crates of their favourite bottled water from England - the resort’s bottled water was deemed not good enough. His paranoia was driving Kate quite mad, but she went along with his demands - until the day he forbade her to join her family for a fun night out at a local bistro. He told her he was fearful because he wouldn’t be able to inspect the way her food was being prepared! While Kate truly appreciates William’s concern, his overprotective ways definitely put a bit of a damper on the vacation.”                                     –SS