LAKKI MARWAT – Thousands of villagers vowed on Saturday that they would field their own candidates for the national and provincial assemblies’ constituencies in the upcoming elections.

“The Khans-cum-politicians and elected representatives cannot mislead us anymore because they have failed to improve the lot of the residents of backward district of Lakki Marwat”, speakers said at a grand moot held in Dallokhel village.

Residents of Dallokhel, Abakhel, Matora, Wanda Kalan, Wanda Zeran, Chunnai Mastikhel, Lakki city and Muhammadkhel participated in the gathering. A retired college teacher Haji Zarwali Khan, former nazim Johar Muhammad Khan, Ibrahim Shah, Muhammad Jalil, Ismail Khan, Col(r) Ameenullah Khan, Kherullah, Naimatullah and others spoke on the occasion.

They said that time had come to show courage before local traditional politicians in polls arena. It is not the right of Khans and chieftains to become champions of politics,” they maintained.

They said that everyone had the right to contest elections and serve people. They also said that residents of the district had become fed up with the local politicians and they were eagerly waiting for a change through vote.

“The residents of Dallokhel, Abakhel and other villages will bring change by fielding candidates of their own choice in the upcoming elections”, they asserted.

They said that a committee consisting of elders from all the villages would soon nominate aspirants for national and provincial assemblies.

After naming candidates a massive public contact campaign will be launched in the district with the aim to educate people to reject traditional politician and achieve triumph in coming elections”, they added.

APCA asks govt to approve timescale

The local chapter of All Pakistan Clerks Association (APCA) has demanded of the government to approve the timescale promotion formula and accept demands of clerks’ community.

At a meeting held here under the chairmanship of Haji Amanullah Khan on Saturday.

, the APCA leaders said that the provincial government upgraded employees of other departments to next scales but did not pay heed to the genuine demands of clerks.

They said that inattention of rulers towards resolving the problems of clerks was a point of concern and might spread unrest among the community.

They also said that the association would not tolerate delaying tactics anymore in the approval of the timescale promotion formula.

Schoolteachers promoted

Meanwhile, the competent authorities have promoted 549 schoolteachers of the district to next higher scales with immediate effect. Separate notifications to this effect were issued by local and higher authorities concerned.

District Education Officer (female) Parveen Khattak promoted 251 female primary schoolteachers to BPS-15 and ordered their posting as primary school headmistresses in the government girl’s primary schools.

According to another notification issued by the DEO, 169 female primary schoolteachers were upgraded to BPS-14 and were posted against the posts of senior PSTs in girls primary schools.

ESED Provincial Director Muhammad Rafiq Khattak also issued a notification according to which 129 certified teachers were promoted to BPS-16 with immediate effect.

The services of newly promoted certified teachers have been put on the disposal of DEO (Male) for further posting against the posts of senior CTs in government high and higher secondary schools of the district.