LAHORE – PML-N President Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said his party is striving for a parliament, through next elections, ensuring safety and prosperity of the country.

The role of the next parliament would be very vital to put the country on fast track to progress, safety and security, said Nawaz Sharif while addressing the party leaders and office-bearers at a consultative meeting held on Punjab elections here on Saturday.

Sharif said the PML-N was leading a movement to achieve through the next election that parliament acts to meet threats to the country, removes miseries of the masses and lead the country to development and progress.

The PML-N Quaid said party would field candidates on merit in the next elections who would exhibit the spirit to selflessly serve the nation and the country.

The PML-N candidates for the next elections, he said, would be picked up in consultation with the workers so that they could take care of the workers after polls and honestly serve the people. He hoped that workers would select the candidates with unflinching commitment to democracy and zeal to serve the people.

Sharif said the goal of the PML-N was to bring the country out of darkness into the light while their opponents were trying to divide the nation on the basis of language, region and sect to ultimately make the country a home to hatred and antagonism.

He said to him and his party every citizen was respectable commanding equal rights and, like others, equally enjoying the ownership of the country.

“Pakistanis do not have any divide in their ranks and those who under any slogan are trying to do so, are in fact disserving the country and are out to weaken the collective struggle of the people against poverty, obscurantism and diseases,” Sharif maintained.

He asked participants of the meeting to go door-to-door and convey message of the party to all the people to eliminate hatred and chaos and give a chance to peace and love.

Earlier, Sharif received input from the participants on various candidates and framed a policy to accommodate opinion of the workers in their final selection for election contest.