ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday made it clear that his party would not enter into an election alliance either with Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) or with General Musharraf’s All Pakistan Muslim League (APML).

In a statement issued here, Imran categorically said PTI was not ready to make any type of alliance with any of the two parties. “After enjoying a government for five long years, MQM parted ways from ruling party and joined the opposition,” he said.

The PTI Chairman expressed determination that PTI would get the clear majority in upcoming elections as 90 per cent of people wanted change in the country, which was also a major cause of his party.

Khan said that PTI would clean sweep the next elections and there might be no need of making alliance with any party, adding that PTI wanted to bring a positive change in the country whereas other parties only wanted to come to power. “We will prefer to sit in opposition instead of making alliances with the parties sitting in the governments,” he said adding that these power hungry parties could do anything to come into power.

He pointed out that just for the sake of power, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) went into seat adjustment formula with banned outfits. “We never tried to bring electables in PTI and the people who have joined the party are considered as most fair in the political class as no one can raise fingers towards them,” said PTI Chief, adding that and Javed Hashmi and Shah Mahmood Qureshi were clean politicians who had given numerous sacrifices in their political careers.   

He said that still there were many politicians who wanted to leave both the ruling parties but they were stuck up there just because of some fears about their political career. “The PTI has majority of revolutionary faces within its fold and no one can think about those names that have been elected in our intra party elections,” he said. He said that the PTI would teach other parties how to hold the party elections.

Imran Khan said that a manifesto of a new and vibrant Pakistan would be presented at Minar-e-Pakistan in presence of 80,000 elected office-bearers of PTI on 23 March. Khan said that PTI was not against the reserved seats for women but the members for such seats should be elected on merit. “Reserved seats should be given to the competent females not to the relatives,” said PTI chairman.

Commenting on the roles of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and PML-N, he said that both these parties had secret consensus among them and they could do everything for their interests. “PPP and PML-N will also make the secret alliance in elections as both of these parties can even amend the constitution of the country for their vested interests,” he added.

Referring to the JUI-F convened All Parties Conference (APC), the PTI Chief said that it was beyond thinking that just before two weeks of assemblies’ dissolution, these parties had conveyed the APC. “I was declared as Taliban Khan when I stressed for the need of starting dialogue process with Taliban,” he said, adding that after coming into power, PTI would disengage the country from American war on terror.

“We will start negotiation process With Taliban via people of tribal areas and the army will also be involved,” he said. He said that it had become obligatory to disengage army from tribal areas where billions of rupees are being wasted and thousands of soldiers are struck.

Commenting on the situation in Karachi, he suggested that the people of Karachi were the ultimate power who could bring change in the city. “People of Karachi should not vote for those parties who have military wings,” said Khan. He said that the police in Karachi should be depoliticized to restore peace in the city.