President Asif Ali Zardari  Sunday said PPP laid the foundations of democratic process in the country and for the first time in the country’s history a democratic government would hand over power to another elected government.

Addressing a gathering in Bajwat area (the constituency of MNA Ashiq Firdous Awan), Zardari said the  government had undertaken unprecedented development projects during its tenure.

Earlier, addressing party workers in Gujranwala President Zardari said the grievances of disgruntled party workers would be redressed.He asked the party workers to start preparing for the elections.

Speaking to the business community at the Sialkot Chambers of Commerce,  President Zardari said opponents would claim every six months that the government would be dissolved and it was under these circumstances that the PPP lead coalition government completed its five year tenure.

The tenure of the government is set to expire on March 16 which is when the National Assembly would be dissolved. Following this an interim government will be formed and elections will be held within 90 days.