SHEIKHUPURA - A large number workers and common public protested against power loadshedding and increase in prices of petroleum products.

The protesters threw the traffic out of gear for about two hours which was later restored by the police. The protesters led by Safdar Sindhu, president of the Punjab Labour Federation, said due to loadshedding of electricity and gas, hundreds of industrial units situated on Faisalabad Road had been closed down causing thousands of job cuts.

The joblessness forced the families of the labourers to commit suicide due to financial constraints, said the labourers' leader. The rulers are making false statement as they had done nothing for the people's welfare, he added. The protesters demanded immediate solution to the problem.

Likewise, scores of citizens and civil society activists protested against the recent increase in petroleum products' prices in front of the Press Club of Sheikhupura. The activist led by Sajid termed the increase unjustified and unaffordable by the public.

They said that the people were already facing a lot of troubles owing to existing inflation and the rise in petroleum products' prices would further add to their miseries. They demanded that the government should withdraw the recent increase and control the price hike strictly to provide relief to the common people.