LAHORE – Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has said the contacts of PPP with sectarian organisations are on record.

“The PPP not only patronised hatemongers but also made them ministers in the past. The people hate the process of point-scoring of Manzoor Wattoo over the issue of sectarianism,” he said while commenting on the statement of Manzoor Wattoo.

Sana said the PML-N never sought cooperation from sectarian organisations for forming or toppling the governments but PPP federal and provincial governments of Sindh and Balochistan issued arm licences to the leaders of defunct organisations. He said it is also on record that PPP government made an agreement with Maulana Azam Tariq which also had the signatures of Asif Ali Zardari. He said the allegations against the PML-N regard are a planned conspiracy of PPP but the people are fully aware of PPP links with sectarian organizations.

Sana said that Punjab government never supported any group or organization with regard to sectarianism but has always taken vigorous action against terrorist organizations and arrested Malik Ishaq and other extremists. That is why, the law and order situation in Punjab is better than other provinces of the country.