Humayun Rashid Peer - In the second week of December, 2012, we witnessed a unique collection of photographs exhibited at Alhamra Arts Council on the captioned theme. By very efficaciously utilizing the lens of her camera and with a touch of professional precision, the artist, Dr. Maryam Arif - a medical doctor - has given a glimmering exposition of her feelings and soul. A camera has been her companion over the last few years and wherever she went - at home and abroad - she ventured to capture objects, which aroused her inspiration. The variety exhibited there, is an evidence of her boundless and all-pervasive inspirational reach. Her masterly command in capturing the object in ‘The Path’, and giving with it the quotation from Robert Frost, “Two roads diverged in a desert and I.…….. and that has made all the difference”, is amazingly relevant. Indeed, this subject must have ‘made all the difference’ in her life: ‘Path to the medical profession or the one that takes her to her soulful emotional self’. She has evidently decided for the latter. Her masterpiece, ‘Parallel Universe’, with the narrative, “Two worlds exist side by side….one that we can touch, the other beyond”, is unbelievably incredible. One could write volumes to elucidate its implications and connotations. It would, however, suffice to say here that the contrast between the ‘tangible’: depicted in the coverage of hall - dotted with human figures - it’s one end covered from floor to ceiling with see-through glass panels, giving a fresh feeling from view of the sun-bathed trees on the outside, and the ‘inaccessible’: covered by their reflections in the water, making it beyond human reach. The exponent of her visual sensitivity, titled ‘Layers of Imagination’, with narration, “Endless Exploration”, takes one into the realm of thought stimulation and perpetuates with extensive soul-searching.

Seen in consonance with her earlier exhibition at the distinguished Nairang Art Gallery, her talent is indeed commendable. In reality, it is the ‘mind’ behind the camera that captures the ‘object’ with its ‘infinite reflections’ and the ‘soul’ interprets it in terms of the ‘truth’. Maryam has put all these in their respective perspectives and produced enviable results. In that, she is destined to achieve undaunted success in expressing ‘soulful emotional self’.