People should feel proud that they have their own private democratic elite club which has been ruling the country in the name of democracy. As most of our political parties are run as a family business wherein leadership is inherited, no one should expect any soft corner for the poor of the country. This is evident from the rulers’ attitude towards any system which could manage cities and towns at grass root level. They feel more powerful when cities and towns are managed by commissioners and deputy commissioners, who act as if they are not answerable to anyone.

No one favors martial law, but how can one deny the fact that military rulers always hold municipal elections and transfer power at district, city and town levels. Now the so-called democrats prefer not to hold municipal elections and deprive the city and town municipal committees and corporations of any administrative and revenue generation powers. Feb 21 will be remembered as a historical day when People’s Party proved that they are no different from their counterparts in the other three provinces, on this day PPP reinstated the system established by the colonial Britain in 1800s to keep a tight grip on the masses through their bureaucratic force.

Prime Minister David Cameron was very depressed and expressed his regrets over 1919 Jallianawala massacre in India, so we should invite him to Pakistan to make his day, as we in Pakistan feel proud that the system his forefathers established in British India, is still so dear to the elites, even after we got our independence in 1947.


Saudi Arab, February 21.