Federal Minister for Defence and Water and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that the government was committing to eliminate terrorism and energy crisis .

The minister said the government was committed to cope with the energy crisis on priority. “We are utilising all resources and channels for generating maximum energy to get rid of loadshedding at the earliest,” he said.

The minister said 21,000 megawatt electricity would be added to the national grid with the assistance of China and hopefully this task would be accomplished within next five to seven years. Apart from this, 28,000 megawatt electricity would also be added in the national grid with the support of Turkey, the World Bank and European countries, he added.

He said, “We are already working on a strategy to overcome electricity loadshedding as long, medium and short term power generating plans would be undertaken for overcoming the crisis and the private sector would be encouraged under the programme.”

He noted, “A special attention will be focused on long term projects for producing sufficient electricity to cater future needs of the country and these projects would be initiated with the assistance of donor agencies.”

He said several foreign countries had already shown keen interest in investing energy sector of Pakistan to benefit the people of the country. He said, “Pakistan is rich in natural resources which are feasible for initiating short and long term hydel power projects for power generation and hopefully work on these projects would be initiated in future.”

The minister said attractive opportunities were available for the foreign investors in wind, solar and hydel power generating projects. “We are also motivating the foreign investors to avail the opportunities in hydel and solar sectors”, he added.

Asif said the PML-N government was making adequate efforts for strengthening and stabilising the industrial sector because the industrial sector was a backbone of the national economy as well as providing employment opportunities to thousands of workers across the country.

Talking to newsmen at his residence at Sialkot Cantt, Khawaja Asif hoped that the talks between government and Taliban would be fruitful. He urged all the segments of the society to come forward and play their pivotal role in promoting anti-terrorism awareness of the masses to promote religious harmony.

He said that the nation was ready to sacrifice even the last drop of their blood to defend the Motherland. He narrated that early establishment of peace was the top priority of the government. It has made the country’s ideological and geographical boundaries very solid and strong, as none could damage these boundaries, he said. The defence of Pakistan was now in very strong hands and the PML-N government had made the national defence strong, he added.

The government was fully aware of the eternal and external dangers and making hectic efforts to cope with the same, he added. He stated that Pakistan always played frontline role for establishing durable peace globally, besides, battling war against terrorism. He added that Pakistan itself was the victim of the terrorism and had sacrificed a lot for peace. The nation would never forget the great sacrifices made by Pakistan to establish peace, he narrated.

Earlier, addressing the party workers there, Asif said that the PML-N had successfully put the country on the highway to success, economic and political stability by taking important decisions. PML-N government  was implementing several revolutionary practical steps to pull the country and the nation out of persisting crises, he said.

Khawaja Asif said that the government was strengthening the national institutions through promoting democracy, as there was rule of law in the country. He added that the PML -N government was striving to cope with the persisting energy crisis for giving maximum relief to the people.