KARACHI - The Baloch Culture Day celebrated with folk songs and dances here on Sunday.

A large number of People from Lyari and other parts of city assembled at National Museum in city, where elected representatives including Pakistan Peoples Party MPA Sanya Naz Baloch and others participated in the gathering, which conveyed the message of peace and respect for every culture.

Besides, a huge gathering was organized at sea side by the Balochi language TV channel, attracting large audience especially the youths, women and children, whore kept dancing to the cultural beats and shouted slogans of ‘Baloch Zindabad’.

“Baloch are not given respect outside Balochistan and Sindh,” complained a boy dressed in a traditional dress, MPA Sanya Baloch. “Our youth is frustrated with the indiscriminate attitude of others. This cultural day has united us all and makes us proud.”

Almost all of the participants felt that their unity had strengthened them but certain elements were having a hard time accepting them as part of the society.

Speakers while addressing the gathering clarified that the people of Lyari were calm and not killers or extortionists but the media and the opponents had portrayed a wrong picture Baloch by depicting them as criminals.

They added that the anti-Baloch elements have created the hostile environment.

We still feel proud of being Pakistani but our men are treated differently outside their homes.

“On Baloch Day, we want to make sure people know that we still follow traditions of our ancestors,” said the former Sindh Assembly member and information secretary of the Lyari Resource Centre, Nasreen Chandio.

The people wearing traditional dresses kept dancing on the tunes of folk songs.