Though the present government is performing slightly better than the previous PPP government, some of their ministers are making vague and contradictory statements with regards to the Iranian pipe line project. President Zardari was highly praised for signing this deal with Iran despite India’s refusal to do so. The current government also expressed its willingness to execute this project after assuming power.

Mr Dar failing to secure any financial support from Iran blamed the latter for forsaking the plan.

The Iranian Minister rebutted these allegations and asserted that work on their side of the scheme was complete. Our Petroleum Minister vehemently declared that the work on the project was in progress and will never be stopped under any pressure. He later contradicted himself in the national assembly by saying that the project no longer exists because of economic sanctions on Iran. The sanctions were always present; when President Zardari signed the agreement as well as when Muslim League government assumed power and yet our Petroleum Minister boasted that he would not abandon the deal.

Now the Chief Minister Punjab, in his frenzy to establish good neighborly relations is making strenuous efforts to buy energy from India ignoring the other important neighbor.

One wonders under what circumstances does our government struggle to find excuses to avoid contractual obligations and puts financial burden on the national exchequer in the form of penalty to breach international agreements.

The Prime Minister should not ignore that people will judge his government by what they have done for the country, not what statements they gave. It is now the time of free media who are not averse to pointing out just exactly where the government goes wrong!


Islamabad, February 28.