LAHORE - “I will engage the individuals and groups with my gun alongside the armed forces which make any bid to derail the peace process in North Waziristan,” warned PTI Chairman Imran Khan to anti-peace elements.

He however added: I am still very much convinced that TTP emerged in the tribal region in 2007 as a result of our rulers’ participation in the US war on terror.

He issued this warning addressing the first meeting of PTI Punjab chapter’s provincial council here at Aiwan-i-Iqbal on Sunday.

Imran said, “Both the TTP and the government should hold a meaningful dialogue at the earliest to resolve the issues which ignited insurgency in the tribal region, a backbone of our defence line in the North Western borders.”

He said the traditional ruling elite had not learnt any lesson from 1971 tragedy and launched operation in Balochistan against their own angry country men and the same time it was almost on the verge of launching a full-scale operation in North Waziristan if the Taliban had not announced unconditional ceasefire.

Imran said, “Many of his opponents in the country and abroad called him Taliban Khan. I am supporter of any force but I demand justice for each of my country man and under this demand I always advocated peace in the tribal region through non-military options.”

On Tasnim Noorani commission report, Imran, while admitting foul play in the ticket warding process of the party for 2013 general polls, said PTI would fully act upon the recommendations made in the Noorani report to make the ticket warding process completely transparent.

He added that a committee had been formed to incorporate the recommendations of Noorani Commission report in an effort to avoid 2013 general elections misconducts concerning the ticket awarding process.

Imran said a political committee had also been formed under the leadership of senior party leaders, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Javed Hashmi and Jehangir Tareen to fill the vacant party offices in various regions and to evaluate party’s position for the future.

PTI chairman said a committee under the name of discipline and accountability had been constituted to ensure transparency in all the affairs of the party and bring discipline in it.

He added that another committee which would be called election committee had also be formed to prepare a list of upright candidates for the next elections, besides preparing reports concerning the weak links of their opposition in various constituencies. 

Unveiling yet another committee under the name of bureaucrats committee, he said that committee would be run by Tasnim Noorani and Shafqat Mehmood and it would prepare lists of upright civil servants for getting their services when the PTI grabs power.

Imran said they would also gather information about 200 professionals of various fields for acquiring their expertise to tackle the issues faced by the country when the PTI would come into power.

He asked the party leaders and workers to get ready for stopping the ruling party from applying ‘37th puncture’ in the bye-polls of PP-81 (Jhang) to be held today (Monday).

Imran said, “PTI is not a dynastic party like the PML-N, PPP, ANP, JUI-F and others and believes in democracy within the party. It is astonishing that Bilawal who is a Zardari became Bhutto for grabbing the party.”

He claimed that he could not be steered or controlled by some interest groups as reported in the news media and take party decisions based on thorough argument and logic.

Imran maintained: I am a leader and leaders are not supposed to follow the public opinion but to lead the opinion. I don’t care whether the party looses vote bank, as the true leaders don’t follow the vote, and the masses will follow him if he is a true leader.”

He said the Punjab provincial council would act as a supreme body for taking decisions on the fate of PTI in the largest province of the country.

Earlier, Imran presided over the oath taking ceremony in which 600 members of provincial council took oath.