Because of the corruption in the Tehsil Municipal Administration, the national exchequer has been suffering huge loss as the TMA officials do not deposit government fees and taxes to the government exchequer rather distribute among themselves, alleged Sadiqabad citizens.

“Because of negligence of the tehsil municipal officer, the problems have swarmed the city and corruption in all the sectors is at its zenith. Plazas and buildings are being constructed illegally. Thus, the TMO should immediately be transferred and a capable officer be posted in Sadiqabad to discharge the duties,” demanded the citizens including Jam Rafiq, Hidayat Ali, Waqas, Shahid, Hasan Raza, Shakeelur Rehman, Amir, Zakir Husain, M Maqsood, M Amjad and Mukhtar Ahmad while talking to the media.

They said new towns and plazas were being constructed without approval of the departments concerned and without following the legal process with the connivance of the TMA officials who instead of collecting fees and taxes to be deposited in the national exchequer, are stuffing the same in their own pockets thereby causing regularly huge losses to the country. Moreover, they also criticised the poor water supply service of the department, saying that the public was facing an acute shortage of potable water in the city.  They also said that by creating artificial shortage of water, the TMA funds were being embezzled. They added that the Sanitation Department has turned a blind eye to the cleanliness issues as heaps of garbage and accumulated sewage and choked up supply lines are seen everywhere in the area.

The sewage accumulated on various roads and colonies has transformed into ponds thereby causing difficulties for the residents in carrying out their routine matters besides spreading diseases. However, the administration has failed to drain out the dirty matter.

Resultantly, the people are suffering from various diseases which are spreading owing to consumption of sewage-mixed water as sewage gets mixed in drinkable water through the damaged parts of rusted supply lines. The local people are unable to get medically treated as they lack financial resources and living hand-to-mouth life. They demanded that the administration should reconstruct the sewage system.

At Tibba Zahir Pir area, sewerage water has accumulated due to choked sewer pipelines there. The sewerage lines of the area have completely clogged up because of not carrying out cleanliness. In addition, encroachers are ruling the roost at main roads, markets and bazaars including congested areas of Sadiqabad. Venders have created problems for the motorists and pedestrians by establishing make-shift set-ups even on the roads.  The protesters said that they had repeatedly written to the Tehsil Council against the situation but to no avail. They demanded immediate steps to resolve the issue.