PESHAWAR -  Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has welcomed the announcement of federal govt to suspend airstrikes and ceasefire after Taliban did it.

He said the centre followed pursuit as per aspirations of the nation and our provincial government would support and extend all out help in this regard whatever the centre asked for.

In a statement, he said that the KP government emphasised for dialogue from very beginning as bloodshed always complicated things rather resolving it.

Pervez Khattak said that ceasefire announcement from both sides was in fact a good omen and the people of KPK and FATA are happy on it. He said the fresh developments would greatly help in creating environment for confidence building on both sides and thus lead to peace talks.

“We want peace not only here in our province but all over the country and tribal belt while the fresh developments are substance of relief and encouragement for the entire nation and we see visible signs of durable peace coming back to this region,” he added. He however hoped that sincerity would be key to success of the dialogue purpose wherein all to show patience and prudence.

He said by maintaining lasting peace in the region we would prove that Islam is not religion of hatred but love and fraternity and it would enhance respect of Muslims world over.

Meanwhile, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government Sunday termed the ceasefire as a good omen to restore peace in the country and also appealed to the federal government and Taliban to foil conspiracies being hatched by international forces to sabotage peace efforts.

Briefing the media here, KPK Minister for Information Shah Farman thanked the TTP for announcing ceasefire for one month to restore peace. He also urged the federal government to take the ceasefire announcement seriously.

He said that for the first time after 9/11, both sides have formally agreed to have a ceasefire and peace talks, adding now it was the prime responsibility of the federal government not to come under pressure and make bold decision.

He hoped that ceasefire announcement would lead to permanent peace in the country.  He was of the view that every opportunity should be used for restoration of peace in the country. He said that one month is a long period and it would prove the seriousness of both parties in peace talks.

He said that the KPK government was ready to help government restore peace. He said that there are certain elements that never wanted peace in Pakistan and they could come out again to sabotage the process. Therefore, he urged both sides to work carefully. He said that talks were the best option, as peace could not be restored through use of force. He, however, said that if a group did not want peace talks, the government should take action.