LAHORE - PTI leaders have alleged the provincial government of using arm twisting tactics in PP-81 (Jhang) against the supporters of their candidate.

The bye-election for PP-81 is going to be held today (Monday). PTI leaders have been raising hue and cry for the past few days regarding the foul play of the ruling party to steal the bye-election of the said constituency. However, according to local political pundits, the ruling party is in a good position in the bye-election.

PTI senior leader of North Punjab and coordinator for PP-81 bye-polls, Bushra Khalid Hayat Bhatti, talking to this scribe on Sunday from the constituency claimed that members of provincial cabinet and ruling party MPs had set up their camps in the constituency to bribe and harass the supporters of their party candidates.

She maintained that administration of four districts including Jhang had been directed to ensure the win of ruling party candidate come what may.

Bushra claimed that two cousins of PTI candidate for PP-81 had been picked up by police of Silanwali, Sargodha district for putting pressure on Taimur.

PTI candidate, Taimur Bhatti claimed that ruling party’s de-seated MPA, Iftikhar Baloch, was directing police raids against PTI Jhang chapter, while his uncle Khalid Hayat Bhatti had narrowly escaped a police raid on Saturday evening.

Meanwhile, campaign managers of ruling party claimed that PTI leadership anticipating a big margin defeat in PP-81 had started a campaign of lies.

According to local political observers, Makhdom Faisal Saleh Hayat, Custodian of Shah Jewana Shrine and political guru of Jhang had built the momentum of the election for the PTI, as he was the man who fielded Taimur Bhatti in the electoral arena and without his smart support Imran’s tsunami had little chance to face an amalgam of the local groups in favour of the ruling party’s candidate.

They said Balochs, Lalis, Gadis and Syeds of Ratta were not only part of Makhdom’s group but all of them were introduced in mainstream politics by Custodian of Shah Jewana.