It is heartening to see that the process of ‘self purification’ for the parliamentarians set forth by Faisal Saleh Hayat, is being followed by bringing charges of corruption against Raja Pervez Ashraf in the rental power plants case. MNA Asad Umer is trying to table a motion in the assembly to invoke audit proceedings against the tax-evading parliamentarians, because unless the lawmakers themselves pay full taxes, others cannot be morally forced to pay them.

Since parliamentarians amongst themselves are privy to inside stories about each other, I think they are the best people to do some more services to the nation. Pakistan can benefit greatly if they could force all law makers who have their billions stashed abroad in foreign banks to bring them back to Pakistan. Secondly, if all the mega corruption cases of their co-legislators in the past, present and even those in the making could be brought to justice, the names of the members of these assemblies and the senate will be written in golden letters in the parliamentarian history of Pakistan.


Rawalpindi, February 28.