It is very saddening to learn that the Rangers have killed a man who was not a criminal once again. Him beating his wife did not mean that he should have been killed. Just a few months ago they killed a taxi driver along with his son and now they have killed another person. I express my heartfelt condolences to the families who have lost their dear ones because of the wrong placement of the armed forces and Rangers.

The Rangers are trained to be protectors of the borders and to see to it that there is no smuggling and no spying. If there is a grave danger, they have to report it to the armed forces to tackle the danger. They are certainly not trained to bring law and order in the cities, and now, in these desperate times if they have been asked to do so they should know how to behave.

The police are the ones who are supposed to be trained and take care of the law and order situation of the country. Unfortunately our police have lost their credibility. They are involved in corruption and let criminals run free. Furthermore they are badly equipped and cannot control the law and order situation and have to now rely on the Rangers and the Armed forces. It is high time our police is properly trained to do their duty and avoid corruption, catching the criminals is their work!


Mirpurkhas, March 1.