LAHORE  - PR - The Awami Workers Party held its first Women’s Convention on Sunday to unveil the party’s policy on the emancipation and status of Women in the country.

The convention which had workers and delegates from all over Pakistan was a landmark event for the party which was founded in November 2012. The convention is seen as curtain raiser to the first congress party which will be held 29th and 30th March.

The unveiled document said that in the context of the Pakistan state and economic structure the status of women had always been neglected.  The position of the party is that to bring structural change in the country, the role and status of women is paramount. This is why it’s an inherent question the party’s politics and structuring. The party’s slogan was ‘equality is a right not a concession’.

It was decided that thirty-three percent representations of females would occur in every unit and committee. Further, the decision was made for the revival of the women’s liberation movement in Pakistan and policies to place the woman question at the forefront of the left in Pakistan.

Dr Farzana Bari, AWP federal committee, said that this convention would be the beginning of widespread struggle to emancipate and change the status of women country. She said that in the context of the raging extremism, the party’s position on this issue would address that.