The second song in the series “Gao, Suno Badlo” has been released on the fourth death anniversary of the late minorities’ minister, Shahbaz Bhatti .

The song is called “Kithay Reh Gaye” and has been sung by Ali Aftab Saeed , who previously sang satirical songs like “Aalo Andey” and “Dhinak Dhinak.” It has been produced in collaboration with AAWAZ & Mishermayl Production.

The song received 9,200 hits on the day of its release. 

“Kithay Reh Gaye” is a solo track, in which Ali is seen clad in a green kurta and holding a speakerphone to confront the attackers of different minority groups. The different Pakistani minority groups appear to be frozen in time while Ali remembers the good old days when Pakistan was a multi-ethnic and tolerant place.

The song is a tribute to Shahbaz Bhatti who was very vocal against the blasphemy law which is often used to target minorities. He was killed by militants on his way to his office in Islamabad, on 2nd March, 2011.

The track has received widespread acclaim and positive reviews from journalists, human rights activists, celebrities and politicians.


The video highlights the plight of minorities amidst rising intolerance in Pakistan. It ends abruptly, leaving the listener with much to contemplate about.

Check out the song: 

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