LAHORE - Bhagat Singh Memorial Foundation on Monday filed an application in Lahore District Coordination Office seeking directions for name a school after Bhagat Singh.

Imtiaz Rasheed Qureshi, chairman of the foundation, filed the application. In his plea, Qureshi said that a school, located at Mohni Road, was named after Bhaqat Singh in 1933 in respect of his sacrifices for the region but it was changed and named as Islamia High School.

He said Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, father of the nation, also presented tribute to Bhagat Singh while giving a speech at Dehli Central Assembly On September 12, 1929.

Qureshi requested the DCO to rename Lahore Road after ‘Sheesh Mahal Road’ as it was in the past to protect the history.