KARACHI - Ibrahim Hyderi police have clarified that selling of dog meat in the City is just a rating-gimmick of a private news channel. Earlier, police claimed to have arrested two suspects for allegedly selling the dog’s meat within the vicinity of Korangi.

Police said the arrest of accused persons was made on the information of a private TV channel.

He said both the accused persons were drug addicts with no previous criminal record. It is yet not clear that either they are involved in selling the dog’s meat or not.

He quoted the statement of an accused Imran as saying that some people caught them from garbage collection point and forced them to peel the skins of dogs. “When we declined, they beat us on which we started skinning the dogs.” SI Kamal said investigation was underway. Police sources said the story ran by a TV channel was based on speculation as investigators could not find any tangible evidence which can prove the allegation.

Imran Qadeer, director Veterinary Services, termed the allegation baseless and ruled out the possibility of such kind of business in the city.

Accused persons, arrested by the police, were drug addicts and were not involved in selling the dog’s meat, he commented. He said veterinary teams raided the area, on a tip-off, but found nothing. He further added that KMC veterinary department continuing the drive around the city for the last two months to check the hygienic condition of meat.

It is pertinent to mention here that earlier on Monday, the media paid extra attention, when the news broke out about selling the dog’s meat. It was reported that police raided the area and caught two butchers red-handed as they were slaughtering dogs in a building. Following the extraordinary converge, various concerned departments and other media groups rushed to the spot but remain clueless.