Islamabad- The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) today directed the parliamentarians not to use mobile phones or any other electronic devices, during the Senate elections on March 5.

Action will be taken against the MPAs and MNAs found using mobile phones during the polls, the ECP stated. The commission further said the elections will be held through secret ballot. It has directed the returning officers for the polls to ensure that the secrecy of the ballot is not violated by the voters. The election commission has also notified that the candidates can withdraw from elections by 12.00 noon tomorrow.

The tenure of 52 members of the Senate is due to expire on March 11, 2015 and election to fill these 52 seats, will be held on Thursday in accordance with clause (3) of Article 224 of Constitution. According to the Election Commission, the poll for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and the Federal Capital will be held in the Parliament House, Islamabad and the poll in each province will be held in the provincial assembly building.