Pakistan Television (PTV) Sports skipped the national anthem when they completely ignored to air national anthem before start of the Pakistan-Zimbabwe match on Sunday and it was widely condemned by cricket lovers and masses on Monday demanding a stern action against the responsible persons.

By committing such a huge blunder, PTV sports played with emotions of the entire nation. A large number of fans and patriots registered their strong protest saying, “we demand Prime Minister Mian M Nawaz Sharif to take stern action against those who hurt the nation. We can't absolve such a huge blunder.

“If PTV Sports doesn't forget to air national anthems of other nations, then how is it possible it can forget to air Pakistan's national anthem and that too in such a significant match, which had great importance on Pakistan's chances in the World Cup? We hope the PM will take action and ensure no such blunders will be made in future. If no heed is paid to our genuine demand, we will raise our voice in front of parliament house and at every available forum.”

It is high time the PM must understand the feelings of the nation and order immediate inquiry. The PTV Sports Director must explain his position as why such a huge blunder was committed. The masses have also requested Federal Information Minister Senator Perviaz Rasheed to look into the matter and conduct an inquiry on immediate basis.