The Prime Minister has recently emphasised on the need for civil service reforms, at present the country functions under out-dated process that require to be overhauled. According to critics the bureaucracy in Pakistan has been side tracked from its objectives and legacy for which it had been created. Our civil service bureaucracy was made biased from the beginning, as every ruler found it easier to rule the masses through the bureaucracy. This led to inculcating an element of vested interests and it also accumulated uncountable powers. The sense of pride among the early days bureaucracy perturbed Z A Bhutto to the extent, that he in the name of reforms, overturned the whole edifice of Raj implemented civil service and introduced another structure, commonly known as CSS-oriented members of civil service.

The reforms are being criticised and are termed as the root cause for all the ills that has afflicted the bureaucracy. That is not true, had time given Z.A Bhutto the chance to rule longer he would have ultimately given us a reformed bureaucracy. As the bureaucracy has been made to help only the rulers and not the masses they have become a bane. Now they do not have to follow any law or work for the welfare of common people but their chosen masters among the political elite.

It is time that our civil service was reformed and the PM’ should dispel the impression that they are there to serve the masters. The reforms should reflect commitment to law and the poor masses. For this future bureaucracy, the pattern of examination must also be reformulated, so that only intelligent and outstanding lot can find their way to the post which are there to serve the people.


Karachi, February 24.