The directorate of security of Capital Development Authority (CDA) has detected 221 illegal water connections from the main conduction line crossing from Bhara Kahu area and supplying water from Simly Dam to Islamabad; however, the authority lacks both action and commitment to remove the same.

According to the documents exclusively available with this scribe, the directorate has conducted an investigation regarding illegal water connections from the main conduction line and observed that the concerned water supply directorate is responsible for guarding the main conduction line and water theft cannot be done without its connivance.

According to the water supply directorate, the matter was taken up with the authorities of enforcement directorate as well as land directorate earlier but no fruitful results were achieved.  The matter was also reported to the concerned police station but the situation did not improve. Now the water supply directorate has once again requested the enforcement directorate to take immediate steps with the coordination of land directorate as well as the other enforcing agencies for early removal of illegal water connections.

The security directorate has asked the enforcement directorate as to why thousands of water connections have been made and added this cannot be done without connivance. It observed that responsibility of water supply directorate does not end just by writing letters to enforcement directorate. “This being their basic responsibility requires constant persuasion at the highest level which appears to have not been done,” it further observed and also directed the authorities concerned to ensure that no further illegal water connection is made.

It has also sought explanation what action the enforcement directorate has taken with regards to removal of illegal water connections and reasons for failure thereof.

The report said local residents have been frequently making connections illegally for a period of time. The matter is very old and hectic efforts were made to pursue removal of all illegal water connections but no proper action has so far been taken by the enforcement directorate of Capital Development Authority.

Main conduction line is laid for supply of drinking water from Simly Water Filtration Plant to Islamabad. According to the report, there exist thousands of illegal connections which have been taken by the locals for their houses and shops by puncturing main line.

It said the residents of Noorpur Shahan, Kot Hathyal, Bhara Kahu, Mohalla Pari, Pind Begwal, Shahpur Town near Satti Villas, old Addah Pind Begwal, Jundala Simly Road, Islamabad Model School Pind Begwal, Simly Road, and NRSP office Tumair have got illegal connections from the main line. “The illegal connections might have been carrying on for decades but this needs to be stopped before it is too late,” said the report and added that this is not only loss of treated water but a high security risk because if main conduction line which falls in the list of “key points” can be punctured for water connections, it can also be done for ulterior motives.

 The report also reported a number of encroachments and observed that encroachments near water works are not only a source of contamination of water but also of grabbing of precious land.

According to the list of illegal connections of Simly conduction lines and Korang Water Works lines, even some of the government owned departments and offices have taken illegal water connections that include Police Station Bhara Kahu and Quaid-e-Azam University. Nayyar Bukhari House is also amongst those who are benefitting from the illegal water connections, said the report. The others include: VP-1, Tumair (Mova), Sareena Farm (Tumair), Arica Farm, Zumard Farm (Tumair), Fazaya Chowk [Pind Bhagwal (3 connections)], Sihail Pul, Pind Begwal Block Factory, Pind Begwal Main Adda, VP-V Hijri, Athal Pind, Shaheen Farm (Athal) (two connections), Siri Chowk (two connections), Raja Nasir House, Shah Pur (two connections), Sithi Villas Shahpur (two connections), VP-VI (4 connections), Murree Plaza (two connections), Bhara Kahu Athal Chowk (4 connections), VP-VII (two connections), Ilyas House (2 connections), 3rd Avenue, Bari Imam Pehli Puly (two connections), Bari Imam Daig House Air Valve (8 connections), Bari Imam Darbar (two connections), VP-X (two connections), VP-I (two connections), Mawa Chowki (two connections), Arica Farm, Tumair, Kabir Hotel Fazaya chowk, Pind Begwal (two connections), VP-IV, Athal Pind Chowki, Siri Chowk, Prince Road, Sithi Villas Shahpur, Murree Plaza, Union Council office, Police Station Bhara Kahu, Main Bazaar Athal Chowk, VP-VII (4 connections), Musarrat House Tumair, Arica Farm, Pind Begwal Under Ground, Siri Chowk (wash out), Shah Pur Underground, Kiyani Road wash out, Kiyani Raod Ahmad Town, Bilal Arcade underground, QAU Main University, Bari Imam butter fly valve Pehli Puli (5 connections), Narila air valve, Bari Imam Daig House (7 connections), Dosri Pul Bari Imam wash out, Bari Imam Darbar, Bari imam top upper valve (25 connections), VP-X (5 connections), VP-X army/rangers (2 connections), Bhara Kahu Main High School, Wapda (2 connections), Shadara Cross University, Quaid-e-Azam University (3 connections), High School Siyali, Quaid-e-Azam University (4 connections(, Pehli Pul Bari Imam (2 connections), Daig House Bari Imam (5 connections), Bari Imam Top (2 connections), Kiyani Road High School, Nayyar Bukhari House, Police Station Barakahu undr ground. It is to mention here that there are more than one lines supplying water from the dam to Islamabad and some of the culprits have taken connections from more than one lines.