islamabad - Islamabad Community Police Centres (CPCs) established to maintain close liaison between law enforcers and locals and curb criminal activities are non-functional for more than four years.

A total of 46 CPCs - an effort of former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Wajid Ali Khan Durrani - were set up throughout the city in 2011 after hiring and constructing buildings through police funds. Soon after the departure of Durrani, his idea was dropped and none of the police official paid heed to further functionalize them.

The police officials of Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors rank working with Islamabad police were appointed as Community Police Officers (CPOs) at these centers to effectively control crime and curb activities of anti-social elements along with cooperation of community members and notables of the society.

Beat Books, Visitors Books were kept at these CPCs and the books had the whole information about various important locations in the area of relevant police station. This system was aimed for effective role in mounting intelligence and vigilance from the grass-root level besides curbing criminal activities. Likewise, the residents and the complainants used to easily interact with the concerned police officers of their areas as the powers were devolved to the lower level police officials.

The CPCs, established with millions of rupees are no more functional and police high-ups are currently thinking to implement this idea again but in true letter and spirit. The police sources in IGP office Islamabad told APP that Interior Ministry have been also contacted by the Islamabad police for permission to re-introduce this idea which is likely to start after its approval.

He said that proper facilities are being planned for CPCs while patrolling vehicles would be provided to them for effectively controlling crime after they start functioning.