ISLAMABAD: PTI chief Imran Khan has said Election Commission (EC) has breached the law by pardoning those found involved in polls irregularities.

“EC has pardoned 200 to 400 persons who were involved in rigging in 2013 general elections. Judicial Commission (JC) had found them involved in irregularities. Action should have been taken against them. But EC has pardoned them. EC is not entitled to pardon them. EC pardoned them for the very reason that EC itself was involved in polls rigging. Had these people been put to trial then evidence of irregularities would have come to open,” he said this while addressing a press conference today.

He held that Supreme Court (SC) ordered for re-counting in the constituency of Khawaja Asif but Khawaja Asif did not appear before Returning Officer (RO) despite he was summoned for four times by the RO with reference to SC decision in respect of his constituency.

He stated that EC had asked Hamid Khan to deposit amount ranging between Rs 2 million to Rs 2.5 million for justice and verification of votes. EC has set the election expenses limit Rs 1.5 million and on the other hand it is demanding Rs 2 million to Rs 2.5 million from Hamid Khan for verification of votes and this way it is defying its own decision.  How many people can pay this amount in the country?  Seeking justice for a poor person in Pakistan is a thing next to impossible, he added.

Imran underlined “when Aleem Khan approached Election Tribunal (ET) in connection with irregularities committed during polls in his constituency then the ET replied that it cannot hear this case and he should resort to EC.  On the other hand EC spent 60 days in this matter and later said that it cannot hear this case because 60 days period has been completed. Aleem Khan now will move SC for the sake of justice.  He went on to say that transparent and fair election could never be held in Pakistan. As many as 22 political parties expressed no confidence over 2013 general elections saying that rigging has been done.

About Kashmir election PTI chief said that barrister Sultan is demanding that verification of votes should be got conducted through NADRA.  Responding to a question he said Tasneem Noorani has no intention to tender resignation. We are studying intra party election system in vogue in US and UK. Holding intra party election at such large scale is impossible without using channel of phone.

About Ehtesab Cell in KPK he said “we set up Ehtesab Cell for the first time in Pakistan and it took us two years to complete this process. We are now going to enact a new law in connection with accountability. Ehtesab Commissioner will be provided full freedom under this law.  Citing to by polls in Gujranwala and Sialkot Imran Khan said Hamid Nasir Chatha has demanded that army be deployed during the election to avert rigging.

Regarding, Mustafa Kamal he said he had not political prudence at such scale that he could talk about politics of MQM and Karachi. Pakistani politics is not boring. There is taste in it.  Nawaz Sharif has inducted favorites in every institution. Cricket will continue to meet the same fate unless elections are held on merit, he added.