By Rija Jasim

Sacrificial animals are the leading part of the festival celebrated in Pakistan as Eidul-Adha. It is a commemoration of the command given by Allah to Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) to sacrifice his son to Him. Allah saw Ibrahim’s heart and instead a sheep was sacrificed as a replacement for his son. So, the Muslims obey the orders of Allah by sacrificing animals on this prestigious festival.

But nowadays the sacrificial animals are more likely seen to be mistreated in the streets rather than loved or respected. More commonly we find children carrying out these activities which include riding on the goats, teasing them with sticks, throwing stones at them and dragging them out forcefully. All these activities are commonly performed by the children which consider the sacrificial animals as there pets and mistreat them.

Here the boys are seen taking the goat by holding its horn which is considered to be abusive for that living animal.

Many of the children aged between 10-12 are encouraged to hold knife to act like amateur butchers at the time of throat slitting which is the moment most painful for the animal. Some of the children are also observed in disturbing the animal for not providing them with their food and teasing them by snatching it from their mouth.

They are handed over with the ropes of these innocent animals tied around their necks tightly and then start dragging them in the streets which is inhumane behavior. The children are to be taught properly that if they want to play with the sacrificial animals then they have to treat them with care.

Cruelty to sacrificial animals is so common everywhere that no one notices it; though it can be a symptom of deeper behavioral issues. It has become very common for the children to abuse their animals, it has to be understood that those animals are to be kept with more love, care and protection, even with respect because they are helping us in performing our religious duty by sacrificing their lives.

Published in Young Nation on 19 Sep, 2015